High intensity interval training to reduce 500 calories

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high intensity interval training reduce 500 calories

The 500 calories play a very important role in the health and overall fitness. The 500 calories can help you to lose weight or increase your weight. If you want to lose weight, you should consume less than 500 calories every day. If you can not do this, then 500 calories may be reduced by practising the workout of some high-intensity interval training. Because of which you can lose weight quickly and effectively. (Also read: How heavy bag workout helps to stay fit)

Let’s know about the high-intensity workout.

Treadmill Shred

You have to run on the treadmill during this workout. But while running, you have to diversify your speed, treadmill position and time. For example, for the first few minutes you walk fast, wait for a few minutes, then run with full force and move slowly when tired. But in the meantime do not stop your speed and do not rest. After this, repeat this process by setting the treadmill incline.

Body Fat Fat Burning Workout

In this workout, you have to exercise some bodyweight exercises, which use body stored fat for energy. You have to practice pull-ups, push-ups, burpee, squat jump, jumping jack in this workout. (Also read: How many times you should workout in a week)

High-Intensity Weight Training:
high intensity interval training reduce 500 calories
During this workout, you have to practice few sets of a weighted exercise with comfort. After the 3 sets of an exercise, go to the second exercise. In this workout, you should exercise lateral raise, goblet squat, dumbbell split squat and calf raise.

Superset routine

During this workout, you have to practice two exercises simultaneously. This means that first finish one set of exercise and then finish one set of the second exercise. After this, the second and third sets do the same way. After that, do any other exercise similar to that. In this, you should exercise barbel deadlift alternating superman, TRX Single Leg Squat Jump-Medicine Ball Isolated Lounge Slam etc.

Total Body Resistance Workout
high intensity interval training reduce 500 calories
With this workout, physical strength increases, as well as fat, is burned. In this, the help of any regression is taken during every exercise. It has to be exercised using ways like resistance band push-ups, resistance band pull-ups, resistance band squat etc. (Also read: What are the health benefits of dumbbell exercises)

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