Healthy feet: How to build strong and healthy feet

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Ways to keep feet healthy.

Healthy feet: Know how to keep feet healthy. (Photo credit: bonuszbrigad)

It is very important to keep feet healthy and strong. The healthy and strong feet keeps you active and make you feel good. In this regard, you need to take care of feet properly. If you adopt an apathetic attitude towards your feet the pain and other foot related problem erupted. Moreover, the feet also bear the weight of your body on every step. In this regard, feet extra attention. If you feel pain and fatigue then there are some exercise and tips which helps you to build strong and healthy feet. (Also read: Remedies for itchy feet: Home remedies to reduce the problem of itchy feet)

Healthy feet: Ways to build strong and healthy feet.

  • Toe fan
  • Tennis ball massage
  • Big toe stretch
  • Toe splay
  • Marble pickup
  1. Toe fan
    To practice this exercise, stand straight and keep the distance of few inches between feet. Now lift your toes then lower than the back. Make sure you can lift your toes up as high as you can. For better results practice this four times a day.
  2. Tennis ball massage

    Build healthy and strong feet with tennis ball massage
    Healthy feet: Tennis ball massage keeps feet healthy.

    Tennis ball massage is the effective way to build strong and healthy feet. First, stand beside the wall to take support. Now place a tennis ball under the foot and put enough weight. By putting enough weight, you will get the better massage. For better results, make sure you massage your whole feet. (Also read: Home remedies for feet: Home remedies to treat peeling skin problem on your feet)

  3. Big toe stretch
    This exercise is also beneficial to make feet strong and healthy. To practice this exercise. Sit on the chair while keeping feet flat on the floor. Now bring left foot on the right thigh. After this gently stretch your big toe using fingers. Repeat this ten time for better results.
  4. Toe splay
    This exercise improves the control over the toe muscles. To practice this exercise. Sit on the chair while keeping feet on the floor. After this spread the toe without straining. And hold the position for five seconds.
  5. Marble pickup
    Marble pickup is the beneficial exercise is beneficial to increase the strength of the muscles. To practice, sit on the chair while keeping feet flat on the floor. Keep at least 20 marbles close to the feet. Now pick up the marbles with toes and put them in an n empty bowl. Repeat this with other foot.

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It mandatory to keep the feet healthy and strong. The healthy and strong feet make you feel active. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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