Habits that are sabotaging your workout

habits that are sabotaging your workout

If you are not getting results despite working hard and sticking to a healthy diet, it may be due to your wrong habits. These mistakes are very small and you are committing them without even noticing. The exercise along with healthy diet is necessary whether you are gaining or losing weight. If you are not getting results don’t give up, continue with your handwork and healthy diet plan.

Here is the list of mistakes that are sabotaging your workout:

Not staying hydrated

Stay hydrated is very important as water regulates body temperature and lubricates joints. If the body is dehydrated, then it will not perform optimally during physical exercise. The dehydration also leads to a serious risk of dizziness and muscle cramp. To attain best results from the workout sip water throughout the workout.

Skipping Rest Day

Don’t over train yourself by skipping rest day. If you don’t take rest for a day in a week then you are overtraining and overworking yourself. It is very important to give time to muscle for recovery. During a workout, our muscles break down, which causes them to rebuild themselves stronger than they were before. In this regard, rest is necessary to gain muscles.

Skipping Breakfast

Never miss breakfast as it is an important meal of the day. If you consume healthy breakfast it will help you to burn fats and escalates metabolism. In this regard, eat healthy breakfast like eggs, nuts and the others.

Doing Endless Cardio

Spending enough time on a cardio machine is not good. This will not bring any changes in you. If you are spending more than 60 minutes of cardio four times in a week, it will slow down your metabolism and break down your muscle. In this regard, practice HIIT which is one of the most effective cardio. It effectively works in the weight loss process. It is recommended to spend only 20 minutes of hard cardio.

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