10 foods for building strong and healthy bones

foods for building strong and healthy bones

The calcium and vitamin D are two key nutrients for stronger bones. Calcium strengthens bones and teeth structure, while vitamin D escalates calcium absorption and bone growth. If you are not getting the sufficient amount of calcium in your diet that can lead to fragile, brittle bones that are more prone to fractures and diseases. Moreover, the poor bone health can lead to various health problems like rickets, osteoporosis, etc.

It is believed that adults up to age 50 should get 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 200 international units (IUs) of vitamin D a day and adults over 50 should get 1,200 milligrams of calcium and 400 to 600 IU of vitamin D. Get the sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin by consuming these foods for healthy bones.

Yogurt is a rich source of vitamin D. One cup of yoghurt can also provide daily need calcium. One cup of yoghurt contains 30% of calcium and 20% of your vitamin D for the day.


One cup of milk has 30 percent of the calcium which can fulfil the daily requirement. For more benefits from the milk choose a brand fortified with vitamin D.

Cheese is a rich source of calcium. Just 1.5 ounces (think a set of dice) of cheddar cheese contains more than 30% of calcium. The majority of cheeses contain a small amount of vitamin D, but not enough to put a large dent in your daily needs.

These tiny fish has high levels of both vitamin D and calcium. These fish have a savoury taste that would be delicious in pasta and salads.

Eggs are also a source of vitamin D as it contains 6% of daily requirement. Just don’t eat egg whites—they may cut calories, but the vitamin D is present in the yolk.

Salmon not only strengthens bones but it is also important for overall health. Three -ounce piece of salmon fish contains more than 100% of your vitamin D for daily requirement. So eat up for your bones.


The green leafy vegetable Spinach is a good source of vitamin D. One cup of cooked spinach contains 25% calcium of daily requirement. Moreover, it also contains fibre, iron, and vitamins A, which is essential for the body.

Tuna fish is a good source of vitamin D. Three ounces of tuna fish contains 154 IU, or about 39 percent vitamin D of the daily requirement.

Almond Butter
Almonds have the highest amount of calcium and it is very helpful in strengthing bones. In addition, almond butter has no cholesterol and is lower in fat and higher in protein than peanut butter.

Broccoli is the best vegetable, dark, leafy and very beneficial for bones. It is not only healthy for bones but it’s an excellent source of vitamin C and fibre which are essential for the body.

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