Follow Sunny Leone’s Fitness Routine To Get A Sizzling Body

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Follow Sunny Leone's Fitness Routine To Get A Sizzling Body

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If you want a smoking hot body like Sunny Leone then you should start following her fitness regime. She is known for her perfect body and is arguably the sexiest actress in Bollywood. By working hard in the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle she has achieved a toned and curvy body. For fitness inspiration, she is the one actress you can look up to. Now if you are wondering what fitness routine she follows to maintain such sexy body then watch the video and read the article to know about the steps.

Fitness Routine Of Sunny Leone:
Sunny Leone hits the gym at least twice or thrice a day and she is very serious about her fitness routine. And she thinks that to get a perfect body one should follow the routine religiously. Every day the sexy diva start working out with some cardio exercises and she continues it for 45 minutes. She has a small gym at her own place but it is fully equipped.

In this video, it is shown that Sunny is warming up her body by doing cycling or biking in spinning and jogging position. And later on, she also did push-ups while cycling. She mainly concentrates on cycling to strengthen her lower back, hamstrings and thigh. Sunny Leone thinks that cycling is like a stress-buster and also work effectively for lower body. She spends at least 30 minutes on a stationary bike every day. And she has also mentioned in this video that after cycling or biking you should stretch your body. She got down from the cycle, put her legs on the cycle itself and stretched her body.

Sunny does boxing as well, she said it keeps her arms and stomach strong. And not only strong it keeps the arms and stomach flat and toned. So in the video, she wears a shoe which is perfect for boxing and she said that she practise this religiously just like Mary Kom (Indian Boxer). Then she put on the boxing gloves and started practising. While boxing she also did some punching-squat only by changing her legs position. She stretched her legs and started doing squats while punching the boxing bag. Though, in this video, she has shown only a few workouts from her daily fitness routine. But if you want to follow her fitness routine then you can also buy the workout DVD of Sunny Leone ‘Super Hot Sunny Mornings.’

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