Five ways to measure your health

five ways to measure your health

The health of human comprises of many factors including, physical, mental and even your environment. There are many tests available to measure your health. If you keep track on your health then you can precautionary measures to improve your weakness. To get accurate results of your health you can assess it from multiple ways as each method has its own merits.

Here are some methods to measure your health conditions:

Body Max Index (BMI)
The Body Max Index gives you a sense of whether you are in the range of healthy weight. It is calculated by measuring weight against the height of the person. If your BMI is above than normal, it means you are more prone to weight related problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Moreover, there are some drawbacks of BMI. The BMI measurement does not reveal whether the weight is made up of fat or muscle. You will have more weight if you are muscular.

Biological age
You will look older than the actual age of your’s if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. It occurs due to overweight, doing a little exercise and a poor diet. You can check your bio age by Naturopaths.

Waist measurements
All the important organs of the human body lie in the waist area. In this regard, any extra weight creates hurdles for them to function properly. It is believed that waist measuring 94 centimetres for men and 80 centimetres for women is a healthy condition. If your waist is measured higher than your are more prone to weight related health issues.

Blood pressure
The normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm HG. If your blood pressure is higher than you are on the risk of heart disease and stroke. This simplest way to measure by visiting your doctor.

Heart rate
This is the best way to measure your health. The heart indicates your fitness level and the normal heart rate should be 60-100 beats per second. If your heart is higher than normal it means that your body is facing hardship to do its job.

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