Five Plank Exercises For Body Stretching

five ways plank exercise for body stretching

Before starting a workout, stretching is very important. You can perform stretching effectively with plank exercises. Plank is a bodyweight exercise and it is centred on the hands and on the legs. This exercise benefits the upper and lower part of the body. This exercise stretches the entire body. There are plenty of variations in plank exercises and they all give different benefits to the body. (Also read: Enhance stamina and strength with these exercises)

Let’s know about some types of Plank Exercise that help in making the body more attractive by bringing the body into the correct shape.

Forearm Plank

This is the most popular plank. Holding your body weight on the side of the mat or toe to your forearm and toe to the plank to face this plank. Keep this in mind while keeping your body straight.

Plank with legs and hands lift

This Plank works to keep your whole body fit. For this, you need to lie on your mat or toe on a mat or on the floor so that your face is on the floor or mat. Raise your right arm on the right side and lift your left leg at the same time. Then come back to the earlier position. Now lift your left hand up and at the same time lift your right leg too. Keep in mind that during this time your body is stable and straightforward. (Also read: How To Do Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Chest Workout)

Dolphin Planck

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To do this Planck, lie on the mat or face of the floor and lie down on the thumb of your elbows and toes. Keep in mind that you lie down in such a way that your body is quite straightforward. Now fold your knees, turn your back from your waist. This Planck is very beneficial for the muscles of your waist and thighs.

Push-Up Side Plank

To do this Plank first lie down on your palm and on the thumb of your feet. While laying down, your body should be straightforward. Now try pushing up the palm, while push-ups, keep in mind that you can not turn back. After this, lift the right hand upwards and keep your whole body on the left hand. Bring the hand back to the floor and push the left hand up after pushing and let your body weight get over the right.

One leg Plank

By doing this plan, the muscles of your hands increase. To do this plank, lie face down on your floor and toe while facing the floor on the mat. After this, lift your left foot upwards. Raise your leg in such a way that when he comes upwards he cannot turn from the centre. Bring the foot back on the floor. Now move the right foot without turning it upwards, it comes in your entire body, which is beneficial for the muscles.  (Also read: Four Plyometric Exercises To Strengthen Legs)

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