Five Cable Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

Five cable exercises to strengthen your core

Cable abdominal exercise can be an excellent option for you if you want to try new and efficient way to train your midsection. The cable crossover machine provides a variety of options to strengthen and tone your core muscles and even burn belly fat quickly. With the cables exercise you can focus on one particular muscle in a better way. Moreover, with a cable machine, you can quickly switch from one exercise to another.

Here is the list of best standing, twisting and kneeling exercises by which you can strengthen your core:

1) Kneeling Cable Ab Crunch

Kneeling Cable Ab Crunch is very popular for upper and lower abdominal. To practise this exercise arch your back, keep your hip stationary and pull the weight until your elbows touch your knees. You can do it by facing towards the machine or the other side.

2) Standing Rope Cable Crunch

Standing Rope Cable Crunch is also similar to the previous one. To practise, this exercise keeps your hip stationary and pull the weight down until the bar reaches the middle of your thighs. It may be quite difficult to perform but keep balance and execute properly for better results.

3) Standing Cable Wood Chop (Oblique Twist)

Standing Cable Wood Chop works effectively on your oblique. While practising this exercise, you should keep your back and arm straight and let the weight go back slowly. Correct movement is the basic requirement of this exercise. In this regard, keep your pulley handles above the hip level. If you perform it correctly, you will feel the engagements in your oblique.

4) Bosu Ball Cable Crunch With Side Bends

This exercise works both abdominal and oblique muscles. Bosu ball cable crunch engages core muscles and provides better results. For better results make the motion slowly by focusing on the midsection.

5) Kneeling Pall of Press

Despite this exercise do not allow the rotation of body but still works on the core. Moreover, it useful for those who have a lower back problem. To practice this exercise, grip the cable handle with your both hands at the level of your chest and push it in front of you with straight arms. Keep that position for 3-5 seconds, and slowly let the handle back to the starting position.

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