Fitness tips: Simple ways to get bigger, leaner and stronger body

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Get bigger, leaner ans strong body.

Fitness tips: simple ways to get leaner and bigger body

Nowadays everyone desires a bigger, leaner and stronger body. In this regard, they follow the healthy diet plan and practice workout routine. Both the diet plan and workout play a key role in achieving fitness goals. This will deliver results only after you follow of both of them appropriate way. Any mistake while doing workout and following diet plan may ruin all your efforts. Unfortunately, some people fail to get the results despite following the diet plan and spending long hours in the gym. If you want to get bigger, leaner and stronger body then there are some tips that you should follow. These tips are quite easy to follow and deliver the results at the earliest. (Also read: Body Weight Exercises for Muscular Biceps)

Fitness tips: Amazing tips to get bigger, leaner and stronger body

  • Lift big to grow big
  • Lift fast to get big
  • Be consistent
  • Power up with protein
  1. Lift big to grow big

    Fitness tips to get bigger and leaner body.
    Fitness tips: Lift heavy weight to get bigger, leaner and stronger body

    Lift heavier weight if you want to see results. The bigger weights also make you stronger. The heavy lifting escalates the production of testosterone in the body, which helps to gain muscle size. For better results use the heaviest weight for at least 5 reps. (Also read: How to Avoid Losses of Barbell Lift Exercises)

  2. Lift fast to get big
    It is always recommended to lift slowly and under control. Definitely, this will help you to achieve fitness goals. But If you want to increase size, fast lifts activate more of the muscle fibres that have the most potential to grow. Moreover, If you want a leaner body then fast lifts crank up your heart rate and escalates your metabolism. (Also read: What happens to your body when you lift the same amount of weight daily)
  3. Be consistent
    Consistency plays a critical role in getting bigger, leaner and stronger body. Going once in a gym won’t help you to achieve this fitness goals. For better results choose the number of days you want to go in the gym. 3-4 days is normal and helps to reap results at the earliest.
  4. Power up with protein
    Consumption of adequate amount of protein helps to get bigger muscles. The protein helps in building blocks of muscles. It also beneficial for the building muscles and recovery process.

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Along with exercise and nutritious diet, you need to follow some tips which help to make your body bigger, leaner and stronger body. You must follow these tips. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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