Facts you should know about abs training

facts you should know about abs training

Everyone desires for killer abs but only a few people have a complete plan to accomplish it. The majority of people visit the gym and mishmash the important things and practice what they like doing. Moreover, when it comes to training abs, all knowledge and logic create a mess in the minds of people. The exercise which they perform actually doesn’t make any sense in order to achieve fitness goals. There are many misconceptions about the abs but here we have listed few facts about the abs that you should also know.

Here are some facts about ab training:

Stop prioritizing planks

It is generally believed that the planks exercise will help you to get killer abs. But the fact is planks exercise help you to strengthen core section of the body not to attain attractive abs. The plank moments are not helpful to get washboard abs. Practice planks as a part of your core training but don’t assume any illusion about this exercise.

Abs training reduce waist size

Abs training does not reduce the size of your waist, but it removes the excess fat from your waist like other exercises and strengthens the core muscles. Actually, the abs are also muscles, which develops after training. So if you are assuming that abs training will reduce the waist size then you are wrong.

Do not do practice abs every day

It is generally believed that since the abs are very slow and very difficult to prepare, then it should be done daily. But this is a wrong way, just like the other muscles, the abs muscles need recovery time to grow as during exercise muscle will not grow. You should also practice different multi-joint exercises so that it develops quickly.

The only exercise does not make abs:

Most weight workouts can burn 250 calories in one hour and just by doing cardio, you can reduce 400 calories per hour, which is not enough to eliminate stomach fat. Because you get more calories from your diet. Therefore, with the training of abs you need to pay attention to your diet as well. So eat a low-calorie diet to get killer abs at the earliest.

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