Facts about fat: What all you must know about the fats in body

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Basic facts about fat in the body

Things you must know about the fats in body

Fat is simply the condition when the extra calorie gets stored in our bodies. Fat not only increases the obesity but also ruins the balance of hormones. Due to the loss of balance in hormones, it affects the development of our appetite, metabolism, bone strength, reproductive organs, immune systems as well as brain development. The body opposes the accumulation of fat but due to unhygienic food and unhygienic habit, fat gets accumulated in the body and obesity is increased. However, to understand fat in the right way you need to know all the facts of the fat. Let’s find facts about the fat. (Also read: Losing Belly fats: Which habits never let you lose belly fat)

Amazing facts about body fats

  • Fat loss leads to an increase in appetite
  • Reducing the fat leads to low metabolism
  • Affects the mood
  • Fat also affects blood circulation
  • Frequent eating helps to avoid fat gain

Fat loss leads to an increase in appetite
Fat produces leptin hormone that reaches the brain through blood and it affects appetite. When fat decreases, leptin levels also decrease, which leads to increased appetite. Therefore, the process of reducing fat increases appetite and you are more hungry. (Also read: Burn belly fat: Best fruits and vegetables to lose belly fat overnight)

Reducing the fat leads to low metabolism
The decrease of leptin hormone due to the reduction of fat also decreases the level of metabolism. So once the fat is reduced, the risk of people getting fat again increases.

Affects the mood

Things you must know about the fats in body
Facts about fat: Consumption of fat leads to mood changes

Fat reduces the levels of happy hormones, which increases the stress. Unhealthy Fat affects the mood and makes you a victim of stress and depression.

Fat also affects blood circulation
Your body needs oxygen and other nutrients to store the fat. So, the fat leads to the creation of many new nerves. These nerves help to improve the blood circulation.

Frequent eating helps to avoid fat gain
Contrary to popular belief, eating in small amounts does not increase fat, and hunger is also reduced. If a person does not eat for a long time and then eats food, then the risk of fat accumulation is greater.

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So, remember these amazing things about fats. Click the link to read this article in Hindi as well.

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