What are the exercises woman like to see men doing in gym

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exercises woman like see men gym

Exercise makes the body healthy and fit. But you may hardly know that women like to watch men while performing some exercises in the gym. Actually, while doing these exercises, your muscles appear to be very high and this exercise puts pressure on most of your body’s muscles, causing the whole body to look muscular. Women tend to like men with muscular bodies. (Also read: Amazing cable exercises to build strong and wide back)

Let’s know about some similar types of exercises.

Weighted Squat

Squat does not just strengthen your quads muscles, it also pumps the hips, shoulders, hamstrings and arms muscles. Ignoring weighted squat exercises imbalance your physical strength.


Like the weighted squat, the deadlift exercise also pumps your body, hips, hands and shoulders together. By doing this exercise, the nerves of the hands of men begin to appear out and this thing attracts women very much. Don’t practice deadlift, if you have pain in the lower part of the waist. (Also read: Medicine ball exercises to make muscular abs)

exercises woman like see men gym
The pull-ups exercise strengthens all the muscles of your upper body and pumps them. This exercise is a little harder. Because of which most men avoid doing it and the men who do pull-ups are very fond of women. By doing this exercise, you increase your physical strength.

Bench Press

Women like the men with the muscular and heavy chest. That’s why women like to see men practising benchmarks. This exercise makes chest big and muscular.


Women just do not like men with muscular and pump body, but they also like fit and fatless men too. Cardio burns your fat. In absence of fats, you look more healthy and fit. Cardio also helps to improve the health of your heart. (Also read: Most effective exercises for muscular forearms)

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