Exercises to transform your whole body in just 10 minutes

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how to work for whole body in just 10 minutes

Many people face difficulty to take out time for health and fitness from their busy lives. If you can not give 1 hour to the gym, then you can make yourself fit by working out for just 10 minutes. This workout gives you results like the gym at home and affects all the muscles in the body. This workout includes such exercises, with the main muscles of the hands, chest, legs, and stomach strengthen the small muscles of the whole body. (Also read: Top 5 effective ways to do push-ups)

What is a ten-minute workout

This is a high-intensity interval training workout, in which you have to do the prescribed exercise in shortest possible time with all the strengths of the body. This workout includes such exercises, which have a different effect on your body’s different muscles.

Let’s know which exercises are included in this 10-minute workout.

Jump Squat

Jump Squat strengthens all the muscles of your lower body and increases physical flexibility. To do this, stand the legs wide by the width of the shoulders and put the hands behind the head. Now come down to your thighs parallel to the ground and then jump as high as you can. Come back to the ground and then squat and then jump. Repeat this sequence approximately 10 times. (Also read: Four major reasons to practice squats)

Reverse Lunges

This exercise makes your hips, thighs and stomach muscles flexible and strong. To do this, stand feet by spreading the legs and take your right leg backward, now bring your body down so far, unless your right knee does not touch the ground. While sitting down, touch your left hand with your left hand. Repeat this process with the other leg and hand.

Burpee with push-ups

This exercise strengthens all the muscles of your upper body. To do this, come down on your down while doing squatting and keep hands on the floor. Now come to the position of push-ups and make a rep. Now bring your feet back to the position of squat and jump up and jump. Come back to the ground and repeat this process again.

Mountain climb

Mountain climb strengthens your legs and stomach and also increases stamina. To do this, come in the position of push-ups and then bring one leg to your stomach, just as you are moving forward. Now take this leg back and bring the other leg forward. Practice it quickly for better results.

Bicycle crunch

Bicycle crunch strengthens your hips, knees and stomach muscles and reduces extra fat. To do this, lie down the waist on the ground. Now lift your shoulders from the ground and keep the hands on both sides of the head. Raise your feet so that the bottom part of the feet becomes parallel to the ground. Bring your right knee to the stomach and try to touch the right side of your left elbow by moving the body to the right. Repeat this procedure with other knee and elbows very quickly. (Also read: Three types of pilates reformer exercises to improve fitness level)

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