Exercises to make calf muscles strong

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exercise to make calf muscles-strong

The majority of people overlook calf muscles while planning for a fitness program. The calf muscles are responsible for stabilising your movement and boost the body as you run, walk and jump. There are the countless benefits of strengthening your calf muscles.

Below mentioned workouts will reveal the rewards that come with strong calves.

Double-Leg Calf Raises

To practice this exercise, start from a standing position, push your body up onto the balls of your feet. keep your back straight in order to centre your movements. Come back down onto your heels for a slight rest, and continue the movement for 10-15 repetitions.

Jumping Rope
Skip rope for 50 repetitions as fast as you can. Following this flex your calf muscles as you jump by focusing on pushing up on your toes. Increase your repetitions until you reach 100.

High or Low Pogo Jump

To perform this exercise, stand with your feet together and your knees slightly bent. For low pogo jumps, jump up as fast as you can as if you are jumping rope. For high pogo jumps, launch yourself up as high as you can and tuck your knees into your chest. Practice 3 to 3 sets of 40-50 repetitions when doing low pogo jumps, and 15 repetitions for high pogo jumps.

Seated Calf Raises

To practice this exercise, while sitting in a sturdy chair place your feet flat on the floor. Make sure that your knees are directly aligned with your feet. Slowly raise your heels as high as you can by using the balls of your feet to push off the floor for 10-15 repetitions. To make this movement more difficult lean forward and place the hands on your thighs near your knees.

Box Jumps

To practice the box jump exercise, find a box or surface that’s high enough for you to get a workout. Stand directly in front of the box and use the balls of your feet to jump onto it. Land on the balls and toes of your feet, then step or jump back down. Repeat 8-10 repetitions for two to three sets.

Benefits of strong calfs
The calves are important and essential to almost all movement, so focusing on these muscles during training can help you avoid unnecessary injuries and pains. If your calves are strong you’ll be able to move better, faster and smarter. Working on your calves as you train will definitely increase your strength and power, but will also improve the overall appearance of your legs.

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