Exercises to get ultimate 8 pack abs fast

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four exercises to get 8 pack abs at earliest

The majority of people who are fond of fitness work hard to get six pack abs. During a workout, they mainly focus on abs training. However, six packs can be attained easily by consuming a healthy diet and perfect exercise. The fitness freaks are now crazy for 8-packs abs, which is one level up of six packs. Getting 8-packs abs is very difficult, it requires tough exercise and dedication. There are plenty of exercises which help to attain 8-pack abs. Once you start practising these exercises regularly according to your workout routine and with perfection, you will easily get 8-pack abs.

Here are exercises which help to get 8 packs:

Knee in

This exercise will have an impact on the lower part of your abdomen. It brings a pull in your abdominal muscles, which makes it easier to make 8 packs. To practice this exercise, first sit on the edge of a bench. Now fold your knees closer to your body. Make this process up to 3 sets. In a few days, you will start feeling abs.

Leg Raise

Raising the leg will give a boost in the lower abs which will help you to get 8 packs To practice this exercise first lie on a bench on the backside. Now lift your legs upside down and raise your legs. Raising your legs, creating an angle of ninety degrees. When your feet come to the waist just wait for a while. Then gradually move the legs down. For better result perform three sets of this exercise and rise 25 times in one set 25 times.

Bar twist

This exercise is performed with the help of a bar. This exercise cause strain in your stomach muscles which helps to eliminate extra fat from the belly. Practice this exercise, keep a bar on the shoulder. Put your hands on both sides of the bar and turn your body both right and left. Start it slowly at the beginning and then speed up your speed. It is very important to inhale and exhale breathe during the exercise.


Crunches help to pump your abs. To practice this exercise, lie first on the ground. Now take your hands behind the head and hold it well. You can also keep your hands near the ear. Now start lifting the upper part of your body without any help. Keep repeating this process. For better result practice three 3 of this exercise.

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