Four exercises to get strong thighs

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exercises to make strong thighs

The fitness freaks often do not like to exercise under the waist. Especially, the exercises of thighs are ignored by most people. Which is wrong because if your legs and thigh are not strong then your are more prone to injuries. If your thigh is in perfect shape, it has a positive effect on your personality. So let’s know about some of the exercises that help you to strengthen your thighs.

Wide-Stance Squat

This exercise will help you to strengthen your thighs, besides giving them the right size. This exercise is a form of squat but in this exercise, you have to increase the space between your legs.

To practice this exercise, stand first while making the space between legs. Keep in mind that the distance between your feet is more than your shoulder and your paws are not inward and outward. After that come in the position of the squat. Now, put all the weight of your body on your feet, bowing down and then returning to the same position. For better results practice this exercise at least 20 times.

Single leg squat

This exercise targets the posterior part of your thighs and also affects the hamstrings.

To practice this exercise, first, stand on both your legs. Now, lifting your left foot forward, put all your body weight on the right foot. Then bent towards the right side. Remember that during this time your back will be straight. After doing this with the right leg, repeat this procedure with the left foot.

Side plank leg lift

Besides targeting legs and thighs, this exercise will also target your abs.

To practice this exercise, lie down on one side with the help of your hands. Keep the legs straight. Now lift one of your hands upwards. Now slowly lift your feet above. After lifting the legs, remain in the same position for a while and slowly move the feet downwards. Repeat this process for the other side.

Pickup Squat

This exercise will target your front thighs. This exercise strengthens your thighs. You can practice this exercise with the help of a dumbbell.

To practice this exercise, stand on the feet while making some space between the legs. Grab light weight dumbbell in both hands. After this, keep the dumble in front of your feet, turning your knee 90 degrees. Now raise the dumbbell again. Repeat this process.

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