Four exercises to get ripped lower abs

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four exercise get ripped lower abs

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Ripped and muscular abs body make your physique look good and also make the whole body strong. But making the lower part of the abs strong and muscular is a quite difficult task, due to which most people’s upper part of the abs muscles comes into shape, but the lower part is not as attractive. But with the help of some exercises, you can make your lower abs muscular and attractive because these exercises directly affect your lower abs.

Let’s know which exercises can be practised for the lower abs.

Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging leg raise put pressure on the lower abs with emphasis on your hip flake. To practice this exercise, hold hands as wide as the shoulders at one time. Now bring your pelvis muscles in and with your legs together and bring your feet parallel to the waist. Now keep your feet in the same condition for one second. Doing this tension on your lower abs and this part comes in the shape. For better results make 12-15 reps of the exercise.


Landmine exercise is practised with the help of a barbell, which helps to your lower abdominal muscles. By doing this exercise, your abs break into different parts. To practice this exercise, retain one end of the barbel in some corner. Now put the weight on the other end and raise it to the front of the chest. Now hold the barbell with both your hands and move them from right to left and left to right. For better results Make this exercise 10 times on one side.

Weighted crunch

Crunch is the most effective exercise to create the abs. But practising weighted crunch strengthens your core muscles and divides into different parts. Which increases the attractiveness of the abs. To practice this exercise, come in the position of normal crunch and lift the weight plate with both hands and keep it near your chest. Now lift this weight and crunch it. For effective result make 15 reps of this exercise in one set.

Swiss Ball Plank

Swiss ball plank makes your body balance perfect and strengthens the whole body. But this mostly works on your core muscles, which causes the lower part of the abs to become stronger. To practice this exercise, stay in the position of plank on a Swiss ball for 30 seconds.

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