Exercises to get amazing lower abs

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exercises to get amazing lower abs

Everyone works hard to get a perfect shape of the body. Bringing the body into shape does not mean shedding extra pound from the body as losing weight will not bring your body in shape. As soon as, we think about the shape of the body, only one thing pop-up in our mind that is ‘Six Pack Abs and lower abs. Your body can not be considered fit if your lower abs are not in a shape. If you have six packs abs then you would be considered as a fit person and it also adds charm to your personality.

Let’s know about the exercises which are effective to make lower abs in shape.

Bear Crawl

To practice this exercise, you need to stand on both your hands and feet. After this, make your knee a few inches above. Next to your right hand and left leg. Following this, move your left hand and right leg forward. Keep moving as much as you can. After that come back to the start position. For better results practice 10 reps of this exercise.
Lie down on the floor on the back side and keep your hands under your waist. After this, lift your legs upward. After this, bring your feet in 45 degrees. Following this, come back in 90 degrees, keep repeating it. At least practice 10 reps of this exercise to get lower abs.

exercises to get amazing lower abs
Lie down on the floor or mat. After this, lift your legs up a few inches. Take your hands behind your neck. After this, shake your feet in exactly the same way as it moves in the cycling. When doing so, turn your neck once to the right and once to the left. By doing so, calorie will burn from your lower abs muscles and they will come in shape. Complete this exercise in 10-10 reps from both sides.

Mountain Climbers
exercises to get amazing lower abs
This exercise is started in Planck position. First, put your body in a straight line. Bring your right foot and knee to your chest. Take it back quickly. After this, bring your left toe to your chest and take it back quickly. Keep it constant. Take 10-10 reps of this exercise from both sides.

Dead Bug

To practice this exercise, lie down on your back. Raise your legs upwards and turn the knees at 90 degrees. After this, lift both of your hands up. Now, take your right hand over your head and at the same time, move your left foot downwards. After this, do the same with your left hand and right leg. Keep doing these exercises continuously. Practice 10 reps of this exercise.

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