6 Effective Exercises To Build Strong Quads

Effective Exercises To Build Strong Quads

Quad plays important role in running, jumping and in our everyday life. The strong quad is must whether your goal is to improve athletic performance, increase strength or look better. The below-mentioned exercises will help you to craft a leg workout and to escalate your quad development.

Here are the exercises for strong quads

Sprints not only condition your legs but also improves the cardiovascular system. The sprints are very easy to perform and you can practise them anywhere. Pump your arms to gain momentum while sprinting. Bring your knees up high in order to get the most action and power out of your quads.

Barbell Step-Ups

Barbell step-Ups are one of the best exercises to develop quads. To practise this exercise, use a barbell across your shoulders similar to a squat. Step forward onto a small box at a low height. When you step up, use your forward leg to propel yourself up. Bring your back foot forward and raise your knee up as high as you can. Step that foot back down while maintaining tension on the leg.

Barbell Lunges

This exercise is similar to the barbell step-up and very effective exercise that target quads. To practise this exercise, practise lunges while maintaining weighted dumbbells at your sides. When you lunge, you want one foot forward and one foot back with both knees bent. Your forward thigh should be parallel to the floor in order to achieve an optimal lunge – without your back knee
touches the ground.

Barbell Squats

The squat is most important exercise among all legs workout. The barbell squat activates all the muscles group in the legs. Adding weight can put a strain on your leg muscles to spur on the growth and recovery of new and stronger muscle tissue. While effective, this exercise does require stronger shoulders as the barbell is held either across the top of the chest or across the shoulders behind the neck. However, it’s important to keep the back straight and lower the body slowly under tension to a point while performing squats. Raise yourself back to a standing position and repeat.

The Leg Press

The leg press target all of the muscle groups within the upper and lower legs. If your aim is to tone the individual muscles and muscle groups in the legs then the leg press is an ideal choice to supplement the other top quad exercises.

Leg Extension Machine

Your quads will be under maximum metabolic stress to ignite growth while performing exercise on leg extension machine. For better results do 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps, pausing for 2 seconds at the top of the move and taking 3 seconds to lower the weight.

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