Exercises that you consider boring but they are very important for health

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exercises that you consider boring but they are very important for health

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We enjoy some exercise in workout routine while some exercise seems boring. The majority of fitness enthusiasts avoid these boring exercises due to time or the indecisive ways of doing them. For these reasons, we ignore such exercises, which are really necessary for the body fitness. (Also read: Five Fundamentals rules for building muscle)

Here are the exercises which you consider as boring but very important for health :

Side planks

While practising side planks, thoughts pop up in our mind that what will be the result of this exercise. But the plank exercise is very effective and beneficial for the body. The plank exercise strengthens a lot of muscles like our stomach muscles, lower waist, trap. Moreover, it also improves the posture of the body.

Frog Jump

Any jump exercises can feel boring and frog jump is one of them. But Frog Jump is a very important exercise for your glute mussels, hamstrings, calves and core mussels. This exercise will help you to enhance overall fitness level. (Also read: Habits that are sabotaging your workout)


Burpees are the most disliked exercise among fitness freaks. But this exercise is very effective for cardiovascular health. The regularly practicing will enhances your cardiovascular and muscular ability. Moreover, it also increases the strength of your whole body, while correcting the blood circulation and keeps the heart healthy.

Mountain climb

Mountain climb is also considered as a boredom exercise because the body has to work very hard to do it. But this exercise is very important as it increases your heart rate and heats the muscles very quickly. This is a very good exercise for warm-up, and you can also include it in your high-intensity workout.


Many people consider pull-ups as boring exercise as they fail to perform it. For the pull ups, it is necessary to have the upper part of your body strong, but if you don’t have a strong upper body it becomes very difficult to do this exercise. Due to this, do not leave pull-ups, because it is effective for all the muscles of the upper part of your body. (Also read: 5 Exercises That Are A Total Waste Of Your Time)


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