5 Exercises That Are A Total Waste Of Your Time

exercises total waste time

To stay fit and healthy exercise is important. The people spend long hours in the gym to achieve their fitness goals. But regularly visiting gym does not mean that you are executing exercise in the right way. The improper execution of exercise will derail you from fitness as well as waste your time. Moreover, the gym equipment is not necessary to stay fit. Sometimes the exercise will not help you to stay fit even you can perform scores of reps. There is some exercise which only wastes your time and not helps the body to stay fit.

Here are the exercises that only waste your time:

Leg extension machine

This exercise is practised to strengthen the quad. The practising of quad exercise on leg extension machine also cause strain in feet and knee. If there is a strain in knee and foots will face problem while sitting. Instead of performing this exercise practice lunges and squats.

Leg curl machine

Performing exercise while lying would not affect the whole body. Because your whole body is not in motion. Avoid this exercise if you want to achieve fitness goal as your muscles are not active.

Triceps Kick back

To avail maximum benefit from weightlifting, you don’t need to lift extra weight. If you practice triceps kick back with extra weight your arms will not in controlled which reduces the impact. Instead of practising this exercise, practice barbell lying triceps.

Seated thigh machine

When you practice thigh exercise on seated thigh machine, it will target inner thigh and adductor muscles. In reality, this exercises won’t target muscles and not help in reducing muscles. Instead of doing this exercise, practice lunges, which not only strengthen your thigh but also strengthen your whole body.

Boomer stick side stand

It feels that you are burning fats when you practice boomer stick side stand. But in reality, it does not burn the fats. Instead of doing this exercise practice side planks.

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