Which exercises help to get bigger biceps

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exercises help get bigger biceps

Every man desire for bigger biceps as they make overall appearance attractive and muscular. Getting bigger biceps is not an easy task. People work hard and consume nutritious diet to get bigger biceps. They also practice different types of exercises to get bigger biceps as there are a lot of exercises are available. It is very important to know the perfect exercise and pick a right weight, which squeezes biceps muscle and help in the muscle growth. If you practice bicep exercises with wrong weight or with too heavyweight then your forearms take the maximum of your workout. The wrist flexors and forearms get more contraction due to hard gripping. (Also read: Which foods one should consume to stay fit)

Let’s know the exercises which help you to get bigger biceps.

Single-arm incline bench preacher curl

This exercise is very effective to get bigger biceps. To practice this exercise, set up a bench at a 45-degree incline. After this extend your arm on the back of bench while grabbing a dumbbell. Keep your upper arm firm and draw dumbbell towards your shoulder. Now squeeze your biceps and lower down the dumbbell in a controlled manner. For better results practice 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps.

Standing resistance band curls

This exercise plays an important role in developing biceps. To practice this exercise, step one foot on the centre of a resistance band while standing. After this, grip the end of the band with each hand. Now draw your hands towards shoulder while palms facing upwards. After this, lower down your hand while maintaining constant tension in the bands. For better results, practice 3-4 sets of 25-30 reps. (Also read: What Are The Ways You Can Make Your Morning Workout So Much Easier)

Incline dumbbell curls

To practice this exercise, sit with your back on a 45-degree incline bench. After this, hold the dumbbells in both hands and let your arms hang towards the floor. Now draw both hands towards your shoulder. Squeeze your biceps and lower down weight in a controlled manner.

Standing hammer curls

This exercise escalates the growth of biceps. To practice this exercise, grab dumbbells while standing and keep your palms facing towards each other. Now draw both hands towards your shoulder while keeping your elbows locked. After this lower down the dumbbells in a controlled manner. (Also read: What Are The Secrets of People Who Never Miss a Workout)

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