Exercises for heart: Best exercises to keep your heart fit

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Best exercises to keep your heart fit

Best exercises to keep your heart fit and healthy

People who do not exercise and do not recover lifestyle are more likely to have heart problems than those who are active. If you want to keep your heart healthy then you can start exercising to keep it healthy at any time. To keep the heart healthy, you do not have to be an athlete or engage in some hardcore exercise routine. A 30-minute walk can also make your heart healthy. But before exercising, consult your doctor carefully. Because it is necessary to do some exercises to a limit. So let’s talk about those exercises that help keep the heart healthy. (Also read: Heart Health: Why pomegranate is beneficial for heart health)

Exercises to keep your heart fit

  • Cardio
  • Walking/Jogging
  • Strength Training
  • Use Stairs
  • Dancing

Swimming, biking etc. are aerobic exercise. While doing these exercises your heart rate increases but you can still talk to someone. Do not push yourself to do more exercise while doing cardio as you need to build the stamina initially. (Also read: Which Herbs Can Keep Our Heart Healthy)


Best exercises to keep your heart fit and healthy
Exercise for the heart: Walking helps to keep the heart fit

Jogging is the most effective and safe exercise. By doing it daily you stay fit and your heart remains healthy. Try it in a way that you can walk for small things instead of go for a car or bike.  (Also read: High Blood Pressure: Mistakes That Increase Your Blood Pressure Reading)

Strength Training
For Strength Training you can use Weight, Resistance Band and Weight of Your Body. Do this 2-3 times a week. Because the mussels need a rest day for recovery. (Also read: What are the probable reasons that our heart is beating fast)

Use Stairs
Try to increase your heart rate to keep the heart healthy. By climbing the stairs, you can achieve your goal. You can do this at home or at the gym too. To know your maximum heart rate, reduce your age by the number 220. Now, consider it as your goal.


Best exercises to keep your heart fit and healthy
Exercise for heart: Dancing helps to keep the heart fit

Dance helps to make your heart healthy. You need music and motivation to do this. It has a great effect on your heart rate.

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Some exercises are beneficial to keep the heart healthy. This keeps your body active too. Read this article in Hindi.

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