Four Exercises For Hip Flexors

exercises and stretches for hip flexor

The hips flexors are a particular group of muscles that are vital for the physical functionality. They play an important role in lifting our knees and flex our hips to bend at the waist. The weak hip flexors often lead to Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Iliotibial band syndrome and tight lower backs.

Here are the exercises that either stretch or strengthen your hip flexors:

Run on the Spot

The high knees running exercise at same place strengthens and develops muscular endurance in the hip flexors. To practise this exercise, keep one leg on the ground, and lift the other knee high but not cross hip height. Following this, jump from one leg to the next, hitting the ground with the ball of your feet, keeping the arm relaxed while following the motion. Continue this alternating motion for 30-45 seconds for best results.

Foam roll the knots Away

It is believed hip flexors is highly effective at improving blood flow and ligament muscle length, and it can also help mobilise your ball and socket hip joints and the dense ligamentous capsule that surrounds these joints. To practise this exercise, place the foam roller in front of knees while you kneel on the floor, and then, fall forward and walk your body out with your hands. Drop one side of your hip complex on the foam roller, with the leg on that side fully extended and slightly raised. Following this softly roll up and down, just below your waistline. For best results roll for 30 seconds to a minute on each side, and two minutes for a deeper massage.

Couch Stretch

This exercise is very effective for opening up your hip and improving the extensibility of the hip flexor muscles. To perform a couch stretch, get into a kneeling position in front of a couch, chair, or wall to hold your foot up, and flex your back knee to the extent that it is as close as possible to your butt. Keep your lower back straight, while you squeeze your glute muscles and hamstring, which aids in pushing your hips forward. Following this, hold the stretch for 30 to 45 seconds. Switch to the opposite side and repeat.

Make a Pose Navasana

This pose brings balance and stability to the spine, thereby preventing injury. The yoga pose, Navasana, also known as the boat pose, is effective at strengthening the iliopsoas. To practise Navasana pose, start in a tall seated position on the floor, keeping your knees bent and feet flat. Then lean back on your sitting bones until elbows are straight, lifting your feet off the floor and keeping chest upright. With legs at a 45-degree angle and balance on your sitting bones for 5 breaths.

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