Exercise tips: How much food one should eat while exercising daily

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Foods one should eat while exercising daily

Foods one should eat while exercising daily

People usually opt for exercise to be healthy and fit. But with exercise, you need to take special care of your food and your eating routine. If you do not eat enough food before or after exercise, then your body becomes tired quickly due to which you may suffer from health problems many times. During this time you should also consume the right number of calories. It depends on your weight, age and activity. During this time it is very important to consume some food items. So that you stay fit and you do not have any problem due to exercise. So let us tell you how much you should consume if you exercise daily. (Also read: Workout tips: Why you are not getting results from a fitness routine)

Foods one should eat while exercising daily

  • Increase protein intake
  • Eat fruits
  • Almond milk
  • Consume the vegetable
  • Have carbohydrates

Increase protein intake
A person should take 0.9 grams of protein per day according to his weight. If you exercise you should consume 0.55-0.8 g of protein. If you are thinking of controlling the weight then reduce the intake of calories and not the proteins. To stay healthy, eat protein-rich foods like pulses, legumes, brown rice.
Eat fruits
If you exercise daily, it is important to consume fruits. During this time you should eat a banana, it contains a high amount of fibre which is the source of energy. Bananas can be eaten 2 hours before the workout and 2 hours later. Along with this, grapes can also be consumed.

Almond milk
If you have lactose intolerance, avoid using it. Otherwise, take 1-2 glasses of milk daily, it gives nutrients to give energy to the body.  (Also read: Workout: Which foods maximize your workout results)

Consume the vegetable
Consumption of vegetables after a workout is beneficial. By consuming different vegetables your body receives the required vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. For this, you can consume beetroot, broccoli and mushroom.

Have carbohydrates
Carbohydrate burns energy much faster than the protein and gives energy to the body. To exercise, your body needs energy that comes from consuming carbohydrate. 50 gm carbohydrate should be consumed before a workout.

Sufficient diet is also necessary for daily exercise. Read this article in Hindi.

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