Exercise tips: Why exercise is important for healthy heart

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How to keep heart healthy with exercise

Exercise tips: Why exercise are beneficial for heart

Its well-known fact that exercise is important to stay healthy and fit. There is plenty of exercises which people practice according to their fitness goals. Some people practice exercise to lose weight while other practice to gain weight. Exercise not only helps to achieve fitness goals, it also helps to enhance the endurance and strength of the body. Moreover, the exercise also keeps many health-related problems at bay. If you practising exercise regularly then it will be very beneficial for the heart. You must be aware benefits of exercise for the heart, so you take initiative and start exercise daily. (Also read: Benefits of stretching: Why you should stretch before starting the exercise)

Exercise tips: How exercise is important for the healthy heart.

  • Benefits of exercise
  • How to start exercising
  • Which exercises are best for heart
  • How much and how often do you need to exercise
  1. Benefits of exercise

    Keep your heart healthy by practicing exercise
    Exercise tips: Exercise keeps your heart healthy

    Apart from physical fitness, the regular exercise strengthens your heart, maintain blood pressure as well as control the weight. Moreover, the exercise also relieves stress and boost self-esteem.

  2. How to start exercising
    Start exercise gradually. For instance, if you want to run then just start walking. And gradually add the burst of running. Similarly, if you want the lift then start with lighter weight. (Also read: Cardio exercises at home: At home cardio workout with no equipment)
  3. Which exercises are best for heart
  • Aerobic exercise or cardio
    The are many aerobic exercises like running, jogging and cycling. The aerobic exercises increase your heart rate. If you have joint-related issues then choose low-impact activities such as swimming and walking.
  • Stretching
    The flexibility of body improves if you practice stretching for a few days in a week. For better results, always stretch before and after the workout.
  • Strength training
    Strength training is beneficial for heat. For better results, you can use weights, resistance bands or body weight. Moreover, always practice for 2-3 days time in a week.
  • 4. How much and how often do you need to exercise
    Always involve your body in moderate-intensity activity at least 150 minutes a week. That implies as less as half an hour of walking for 5 days a week at least.

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You can keep your heart healthy by practice exercise regularly. The regular exercise also prevents many health-related problems.

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