How does exercise help to live longer and healthy

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How does exercise help to live longer and healthy

We all want to live a longer and a quality life. Thus, staying fit is utmost important in order to live long and happily. Thus, exercise is one thing that should be included in the daily routine of every individual. It helps us in multiple ways. Not just it keeps us healthy and fit but also improves the quality of our life. In today’s time, we all follow such a tight schedule, that sparing time for oneself seems next to impossible. But we all should work on managing our time and involving exercise in our daily routine. We all can spare at least 30-45 minutes every day for our self. It is not mandatory that you need to hit the gym for the same. You can start it at your home, go for a walk, swimming, jogging, run or can also involve in a sport. Let’s discuss how exercise helps us to live longer. (Also read: Kareena Kapoor Khan’s weight loss journey after her pregnancy)

How does exercise help to live longer and healthy?

Keeps your heart healthy: Regular physical exercise and body movement keeps the heart healthy. It helps to maintain the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body and also diminishes the bad cholesterol level in the body. When we exercise and sweat and our body fat burns. Besides this, the level of sugar and blood pressure also keep in check. Those who exercise daily have less possibility to encounter any heart-related problems, says study.

Makes the brain strong: We need a healthy and strong brain to live a happier and longer life. According to many studies, exercise helps to make the brain memory strong and also initiate the good flow of blood throughout the body. As a result, it keeps the brain healthy. (Also read: How to start exercising when you are overweight)

Controls the blood sugar level: According to a study, daily exercising reduces the risk of diabetes. As exercise helps to maintain the body weight, it also regulates the level of sugar in the body. Not just this, it boosts the sensitivity of the body towards insulin. Brisk walking is one of the most effective exercises to keep the blood sugar level in proper check.

Helps to stay healthy: As we age, the bones become weak. However, regular exercising helps to keep the bones healthy and strong, says a study. Thus, indulging in sports activity, going for walk, swimming, lifting weights etc, help to stay stronger and healthy. It initiates a good flow of blood all through the body and keeps all the organs healthy. Not just this, by keeping a proper check on your body weight, exercise saves you from the risk of many health issues. (Also read: What are the reasons for loss of muscle mass even when you are working out)

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