Everyday Healthy Habits That Are Actually Bad For You

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Everyday Healthy Habits That Are Actually Bad For You

Yor are doing everything best for your health, right? At least your intentions are always good when it comes to healthy habits. From brushing your teeth after eating to resting yourself more in the weekends; all you do to make yourself stay fit and healthy. Even few of your friends and family will suggest some handful of healthy habits to you. But, are you 100 percent sure about those healthy habits? Are they actually good for your health or they can backfire you? Try to think about your regular habits carefully. (Also Read: Amazing Bedtime Habits Everyone Should Follow)
Here are few everyday habits which we generally follow which are actually unhealthy. This post might give a shock as you might have been doing them for years. Check how many habits you have too.

Brushing your teeth after every meal:
Do you take your toothbrush everywhere you go? Great! But you should wait after half an hour to brush the teeth after any meal. The acid from some specific foods like citrus fruit, colas (regular and sugar-free), or sports drinks, can often harm the enamel on the teeth. They appear like wet sandstone. Hence, brushing the teeth while the enamel is soft and preparing to become hard, can speed up the effect of the acid and make the layer beneath the enamel. So, eventually brushing the teeth do not give any benefit.

Small frequent meals for the whole day:
Everyone says follow small frequent meals. It is the only secret to have a good digestion and staying svelte. But if you are eating late night and thinking that empty stomach is making you more hungry, then it is not good. The fact is our body metabolises calories much better if we eat during the daytime.Many people prefer to eat dinner late at night which is extremely bad. It is not a good habit. Try and have a small frequent meal at the right time. This is really helpful. (Also Read: When Is The Best Time To Exercise)

Chilling out with your phone before going to bed:
Sitting on your couch and scrolling down the social medias sounds quite relaxing. All of us do the same. But no one knows this can kill your sleep. Low-intensity blue light of television desktop, laptop, iPad, a smartphone can delay your internal clock and eventually changes your sleeping time. Even it makes you late to get up in the morning.

Having Smoothies in the breakfast:
If you get late for the breakfast, you always prefer to go for healthy liquid items like a milk shake or smoothies. At times it is good to consume. But, going through this every day is not right for your health. Basically, Smoothies contain fruit juices and essences. Sometimes, you have to add sugar too if the fruit is not much sweet. So, this everyday sweetener fruit juices and sugar intakes can increase your sugar level rapidly. It will help you to make your stomach full for a long time, but it will harm your health too. (Also Read: What are the benefits of morning exercises)

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