Effects on your body by practicing planking exercise daily

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Body exercises are quite effective for increasing body strength. Plank is also a bodyweight exercise, which provides strength and stability to the muscles through your weight. Plank influences many muscles as well as you can do it anytime and anywhere. This exercise seems very easy to look at, but your muscles have to make a lot of effort in practising it. If you plank regularly has many effects on your body, so let’s talk about those effects. (Also read: Strength Exercises That You Always Need)

How to do planks

To practice planks, firstly place your palms on the floor right below the shoulders and keep the weight of the body lower on the toes. Now keep the waist, hips and shoulders in a straight line and stay in this condition for a while. If you want to make this exercise more effective, then keep your forearms on the floor instead of your palms.

Stomach muscles are strengthened

The biggest benefit of planking is that it strengthens your stomach muscles. This part comes with all the muscles that work to connect the upper and lower part of your body and help you in walking, turning, sitting. This increases the efficiency of your body. (Also read: How to incorporate diet and fitness into your daily routine)

Strengthen waist 

effects body practicing planking exercise daily
Some exercises can have a bad effect on the waist or hurt by strengthening core muscles. But Plank Exercises actually strengthens the back muscles with core muscles. By practising it, the lower waist and spinal cord are strengthened. With this, the body’s flexibility also increases.

Fat Burn

Plank burn more fat than any exercise. Handling the body weight with the help of hands and feet increases heart rate and the metabolism rate gets faster. There is no additional fat on the body if you practice planks.

Flexibility increases

Increasing the flexibility of the body decreases the risk of injury to the body. Plank exercise makes them flexible by putting a strain on your shoulders and hamstrings. There is no stress on the muscles, the possibility of swelling or injury can be reduced.

Body Posture improves

In Plank Exercise, you have to keep your waist, hips and shoulders in a straightforward position, because of which they remain fine and your posture improves. (Also read: V-Cut Abs: Find out how you can get the desired physique)

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