Effective weight exercises for bigger triceps

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effective weight exercises for bigger triceps

Most people only value the exercise of biceps for muscular arms, but by doing so you do not get muscular and heavy arms. Because most of your hand is of the triceps muscles. You can make heavy arms by building the triceps very strong and large. You should have to give equal importance to the Triceps workout in your overall arm workout. (Also read: Practice exercises at home with the help of dumbbells for strong body)

Let us know which weight exercises can be done to make muscular triceps.

Seated overhead triceps

Seated overhead triceps extensions are very effective exercises to strengthen your triceps muscles. To practice this exercise, sit on a bench and grab a dumbbell or a wet belt and take a short barbell behind your head. Keep your elbows on your ear. Now move the elbows without the barbell or the dumbbell over the head and then move towards the neck.

Standing cable rope press-down

This exercise is considered to be the earliest exercise of triceps workout. To practice, this exercise set the cable machine to the top. Then grab the bar and bring it towards your waist. Keeping the bar down, keep your shoulders and upper part of your hands firm. This exercise has a direct effect on your triceps and helps them to grow more. (Also read: Compound exercises to increase the size of your biceps and triceps)

Skull crush

Skull crush is the most effective exercise for your triceps muscles. Using EZ Bar or Dumbbell in this, weight pressure falls on direct triceps, making them strong and muscular. To practice this, lie down the waist on the bench and lift the bar or dumbbell. Now straighten your hands and keep the elbows stable and bring the barbell to the head. Use this exercise carefully, as you may be at risk of injury. (Also read: Four exercises to get strong thighs)

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