Effective ways to improve Human Growth Hormone

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ways to improve human growth hormone

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that produced in the brain which helps to grow. It also stimulates bone and muscle tissue growth through the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Moreover, it is also a strong regulator of immune function among other physiological processes.

HGH plays very important role in children for promoting growth in height. In adults, the hormone is responsible for numerous maintenance tasks including:

  1. Keep your body lean and reduce fat accumulation
  2. Strengthen bones
  3. Protecting your organs from age-related depreciation
  4. Promoting more rapid hair and nail growth
  5. Maintain cholesterol levels

How to increase HGH production naturally?
The production of HGH hormones is an affected by exercise, stress, emotional excitement and diet all affect the quantity of the production. It is an important to achieve better results you should maintain the balance between exercise and food consumptions as well as other things. Below mentioned tips will increase the production of HGH.

High-intensity training
High-intensity interval training is a strong stimulator of HGH. Performing 30 seconds running sprint or cycling sprint five times, with a one-minute rest between sprints can increase HGH over 450 percent of baseline levels. The intensity should be at a level where you are quite uncomfortable. If it is done once or twice per week, will have a very beneficial impact on the body.

Get more sleep
Getting good sound sleep will work effectively for your whole body. During sleep, your body goes through several cycles, from light sleeping where you will wake relatively easily, through to deep sleep when you sleep and it’s much harder to wake up. During sleep, your body releases most HGH. More good quality sleep you get the better potential you have for optimising your HGH Release.

Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in your brain that helps regulate sleep cycles. It is believed that the melatonin can also boost HGH levels by over 150% above natural levels. Take between 0.5 to 5 mg before bed. If you prefer a natural source – pineapples, bananas, oranges, oats, sweet corn, rice, tomatoes, and barley have all been suggested to boost melatonin naturally.

Reduce Body Fat Levels
The HGH production is directly linked to the amount of body fat. In this regard, keep your body fat levels in the normal to lower ranges, for guys this means less than 15%, and you will optimise your normal production. However, this means being super careful of your diet and managing your calories.

Avoid sugar after workouts
Within 2 hours post workout consuming sugars will cause your hypothalamus to release somatostatin, which will decrease your production of HGH. In this regard have your protein shake in water but skip the high glycemic carbs, if you want to maximise your HGH from training.

Try intermittent fasting
Simply choose 2 or 3 days per week when you eat less than normal which has the effect of spiking HGH release. To help optimise HGH levels, the best way to try this type of diet is to simply delay your first meal of the day by several hours. Moreover, this approach helps you build muscle and get leaner.

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