Effective seated workout to make the whole body muscular

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effective seated workout to make the whole body muscular

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If you are having trouble working in standing due to injury at the lower part of the body or for any other reason, then seated workout may prove to be a good option for you. The biggest advantage of seated workout is that it only has a direct and substantial effect on your target issues. You do not need to stand in order to work out the entire body, but with the help of these exercises, you can strengthen all the muscles and prevent your workout routine from being interrupted.

Hammer Strength Chest

Hammer Strength Chest Press affects your chest muscles only and puts lower body muscles in a comfortable position. To do this, sit on the Hammer Strength Chest Press Machine and straighten your waist and hold the handle and push it slowly towards the front of the chest.

Wide Grip lats pull down

This exercise is more challenging than general lats pull down exercise and has more effect. It helps to make all the muscles of your back and upper body muscles. To do this, sit on the machine and hold the handle slightly more than the width of the shoulders. Now bring the handle to the front of the chest and take it back slowly. Practice 4 sets of 10-12 reps.

Seated barbell shoulder press

This exercise is done to make the shoulders muscular and attractive. To do this, sit on a 90 degree angle bench. Now grab a barbel and grab it by the width equal to the shoulders. Keep your stomach muscles and waist straight and tight. Now take Barbell to the right with his head and slowly move down. When exercising, keep in mind that there is no shock in your waist or hands. Practice 3 sets of 7-9 reps.

Seated hamstring curl

If your hamstrings moles are fine and the injury is in the heel or the paw, you can also strengthen your hamstrings. To do this, sit on the hamstrings curl machine and keep the waist and hips in a straight line. Now bring your lower legs downwards practice 4 sets of 12-15 wrap of this exercise.

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