How to do deadlift exercise properly

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deadlift exercise properly

Deadlift is a very effective exercise, which affects your waist, glute, hamstrings and hands. By exercising deadlift, the strength of the body can be enhanced and it also relieves the pain in the lower part of the waist. But to take full advantage of the deadlift, it is mandatory to do it properly, some things should be taken into consideration, thereby increasing its effectiveness. You can make this exercise as more beneficial. (Also read: What are the ways to get faster results in the gym)

Let’s know how to make the deadlift exercise more effective.

Focus and stay calm

Deadlift is a process of lifting more than an exercise, which should be done by concentrating and staying calm. If you do this exercise with a disturbed and uninterrupted mind, your chances of getting injuries increase.

Keeps your stance right

Your stance plays an important role while doing deadlifts. Different bodybuilders can have their own opinions about the stance. But you should keep such a stance while practising deadlifts, in which you can easily afford weight. The better you take the weights, the body will become as strong. (Also read: Effective workouts that are quite trendy and can increase your fitness)

Position of wrists and barbell
deadlift exercise properly
During the deadlift, you should put your shoulders, wrists and barbell in a straight line. If your barbell is away or near the body then your body has to spend more energy on lifting the weight and it will lead to few reps.

Use the Lats Muscle

During the exercise of deadlift, the role of the lats muscles is necessary. The tighter your lats will be, the more the spinal position will remain strong. From which you will be able to take more strength in lifting weights and you will be able to do the exercises easily.


You have to build a strong grip on Barbell while doing deadlift. Because of which you will be able to make better use of physical strength. If your grip is loose or weak, then you will not be able to have full impact on your targeted muscles. (Also read: What are the best chair exercises to reduce belly fat fast)

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