Compound exercises to increase the size of your biceps and triceps

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compound exercises to increase the size of your biceps and triceps

The majority of people prefer barbell curls, precursor, extensions or push down exercises for biceps and triceps. Although, these are all effective exercises to strengthen the muscles of the biceps and triceps. But the said exercises only affect the same muscles group of the arms. We can also use compound exercises for arms like chest and back exercise, which will affect the size of biceps and triceps by putting more pressure on more than one joints of the muscles.


Chin-ups are very basic exercise but are also known for improving the strength of biceps and triceps. In this exercise biceps and waist plays an important role. This exercise simultaneously impacts both waist and biceps. You can include this exercise in your warm-up schedule. For better result, it should be practised until the body is completely tired.

One Arm Hammer Row

This exercise helps to increase the size of the biceps. Moreover, it also strengthens the muscles of your waist. In this exercise, you lift heavy weight with the support of the waist, which causes more pressure on the biceps and leads to growth in the size of biceps. Also, the upper part of your waist will also be strengthened.

Ring Dips

Dips are very effective exercises for strengthening triceps. If you have strong and bigger triceps it will look more attractive. In this exercise, your body’s dalts and pecs muscles also get engaged. But you can increase its effect by using some resistance in dips. Ring dips also provide similar resistance and your body needs to work harder to make balance while exercising.

Close-grip ring push-ups

The close-grip ring push-ups are very effective to make the shape of triceps. But the pressure on the shoulders is dropped through the close-grip ring push-ups, which has a greater effect on the triceps’ muscles.

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