Complete Workout Plan With Body Weight exercises

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complete workout plan with body weight exercises av

Exercise plays an important role in our physical and mental health. But many people can not go to the gym due to lack of time but they can keep themselves healthy even with the help of some exercises. Bodyweight exercises put more pressure on your muscles and correct physical balance and posture. With the help of bodyweight exercises, you can work out for the whole body. (Also reads: What are the signs that indicate you are losing muscles instead of fat)

Things to keep in mind while body weight exercises

  • Breathe: During exercise breath continuously in and out.
  • Posture: During bodyweight exercise, your body posture should be correct.
  • Do it comfortably: Bodyweight exercises should be done comfortably, thereby constantly pressurizing the muscles and getting relief.
  • Tired: Practice bodyweight exercises till your muscles get tired.


Push-ups Exercise strengthens most of the muscles of your upper body. It has more effect on pectoral, deltoid and triceps muscles. To do this, widen the arms equal to the shoulders and put your arms on the floor and the weight of your lower body is placed on both the toes. After this, keep the neck, waist and hips in a straight position and bend the elbows and bring the chest towards the ground and take a second then lift it upwards. Practice 3 sets of this exercise for better results. (Also read: Effective workouts that are quite trendy and can increase your fitness)


Dips strengthen your shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest and core muscles. To do this, make a physical balance with the help of both hands on the dips bar and bend the elbows and bring the body downwards and go back to the same position after coming in parallel to the shoulders.


Pull-ups targets biceps, shoulders and core muscles with your waist. To do this, hold something with a width equal to the shoulders. Now using the strength of the biceps, lift the body upwards and bring the chest to the bar. Now take the body down after a second stop. Practice 3 sets of this.


Roll-Ups exercise is a very necessary exercise to strengthen your core muscles and it also helps in belly fat reduction. To do this, lie down on the surface of the waist and make both hands straight on top of the head. Now lift the hands forward and then lift your waist from the ground and shrink the core muscles. Wait for one second in this position and then lie back to the ground while taking the hands backwards.


The squat is a significant exercise for the strengthening of your hips, quads and ankles. To do this, raise the legs wide from the waist and then keep the hips downwards while keeping the waist straight. When your thighs come parallel to the ground, then lift the hips back and stand straight up. To make balance in this exercise, you can stretch hands toward the front.

Stairs step

With the help of stairs step, the hamstrings and the calf muscles are strengthened. To do this, place the left foot on the staircases and then using the power of this leg, take the right leg up too. Carrying the right leg upside down, bring the left leg down. Do this in a sequence with a fast speed. You can do this exercise with the help of a box. (Also read: What are the best cardio workouts for strengthening knees)

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