Four common pull up exercise mistakes

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common pullup mistakes

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The exercises have a lot of benefits only if you execute it properly. If you are not performing the exercise in the proper manner it may increase the risk of injury and you will not yield the desired result. The pull-ups are one the best exercises for back, which just need a bar and your body weight. The many people practice it in wrong way and fail to achieve fitness goals.

Here are the common pull-up mistakes:

1) Not using full range of motion
It is quite easy to do half reps while practising pull-ups. It also indicates that you are not using the full range of motion and you will not able avail the maximum benefits of the exercise. Instead of doing half reps make effort to go to dead hang for each rep. If you face problems then you can also opt for rest of 1-2 seconds on some of the later reps in a set if you need.

2) You’re not getting your chin above the bar
The another mistake people make that they don’t bring chin above the bar. You have to bring chin above the bar in order to complete the pull-up. The majority of people bring nose or head at the bar level and then go back. This leads to a shorter range of motion and won’t target your muscles effectively.

3) You’re using too much momentum.
For better results, pull-up should be performed in control manner. The majority of people use momentum for going up and down which is wrong. To practice the pull -up in a perfect way, you have to down slow and in a controlled manner.

4) You’re gripping too wide.
This is very common pull-up exercise mistake. The majority of people grip bar too wide which is wrong. To avoid this mistake you just grip the bar outside shoulder width.

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