Six common misconceptions about getting six pack abs

common misconceptions about getting six pack abs

Getting six packs is one of the toughest tasks. The majority of fitness freak don’t know how to get six packs abs. Many of them get the feeling of tightness while doing crunches and thus, they think that they will get a flat stomach fast. They believe that crunches are the key to attain well-developed abs.

Here are some common misconceptions about developing 6 pack abs.

1) Regular crunches will develop six-pack
common misconceptions about getting six pack abs
Practicing crunches regularly will help you to strengthen your midsection but you will not find the results unless you start losing weight. Despite you perform all the abs exercise but there still a layer of fat between you and your abs exists. In this regard, also lose extra weight to get sculpted abs

2) I’ll get the perfect six-pack like cover models
It is believed that the genetics play a big role on how your six-packs look. One person with 10 percent body fat may have more ripped ab muscles than someone else with the same body fat percentage.

3) Special ab machines and equipment required
common misconceptions about getting six pack abs
It is well known that if you have fats around the belly, you won’t able to get sculpted abs. Moreover, the ab rollers and other ab-specific equipment are effective for ab muscles but aren’t as useful when it comes to burning fat.

4) I don’t need to exercise if I just eat right
Diet and exercise have a different impact on your body. If you only diet, you will able to achieve only lean body, not muscles. In this regard, you have to adopt the diet and exercise simultaneously.

5) You’re not breathing properly
The contracting of the belly button is very important while performing the abdominal exercise. In this regard, exhale out in power phase of the exercise and then inhale on the negative.

6) You can’t ever get a six pack
This is the one of the biggest myth that you think that you can’t attain six pack abs. It is very easy to believe that impossible to get six packs while sitting free. So start workout today and get six packs as soon as possible.

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