Build strong core and lower body with the help of reverse plank

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build strong core lower body help reverse plank

Plank is an effective exercise to strengthen the body. Plank strengthens your core muscles and also improves your physical balance. But another way to practice plank is also a reverse plank, which strengthens your core muscles and lower body. This exercise also has an effect on your waist. The body has to make extra balance while doing a reverse plank, which will have a greater effect on your body.

Let’s know what is the correct way to do reverse plank and how it strengthens the core muscles and lower body.

Benefits of the reverse plank:

By doing a reverse plank, it is quite difficult to balance the body, by which the body burns more calories. It gives your waist and shoulders more strength than ordinary Plank. It also makes your hamstrings, abs and glut muscles powerful. If you are troubled by the pain of lower waist, then this exercise is of great use for you. Reverse Plank solves the issues of your lower waist and provides stability in it.

After regular practice, you can also use extra weight, due to which the body will be more challenged.

The correct way to do the reverse plank:

1. First, sit on the ground and keep your feet forward.

2. Keep your waist straight and take it back to the 45-degree angle.

3. After this, keep your hands on the back side of the shoulders and put the full weight on the palms.

4. The weight of your lower body should be sustained on the ankles.

5. Now with the help of palms ankles, lift the hips upwards and tighten the core mussels.

6. Stay in this condition for 15-30 seconds and keep the eyes facing the roof.

7. Now slowly bring your body down.

8. When you come back to the earlier state, repeat this process again.

  1. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

After trying out, try taking a break from this exercise for 30 to 60 seconds.

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