Body cutting mistakes: What are the most common body cutting mistakes

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Avoid these mistakes to get cuts on the body

Body cutting mistakes: Most common body cutting mistakes.

Everyone desires for that cuts on the body, which differentiate each muscle group. Majority of bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts, once done with bulking up then start working out for the body cuts. The body cutting makes the body more attractive. For this people adopt many methods like restricting calorie, practising light weight exercises and enhancing protein intake. Despite following all these, some people fail to get cutting. Maybe committing some mistakes not allow you to get body cuts on the body. But learning from mistakes is very important for future muscle growth. You must be aware of those mistakes.

Body cutting mistakes: Which mistakes you should avoid for better cutting.

  • Cutting calories too fast
  • High reps for cuts
  • Cutting Carbs
  • Not scheduling cheat meals
  • Not consuming adequate protein
  1. Cutting calories too fast
    Cutting calories quickly for cutting is one of the very common mistakes. Reducing calories consumption too fast from your diet cause muscle loss and also slow down metabolism. (Also read: Calories Burn: Best tips to burn calories at home)
  2. High reps for cuts

    Body cutting mistakes: Focus on fat loss to get cuts on the body.

    There is nothing wrong about high reps in your workout. Unfortunately, many people believe that higher helps them to get more cuts, this is wrong. If you want more muscles cuts then you pay more attention towards losing more body fats. The body covers muscles and makes you less cut. (Also read: Body Weight Exercises for Muscular Biceps)

  3. Cutting Carbs
    Drastically reducing carbs may cause a loss in muscles as they may source of body energy. Definitely, carbs reduction works but you need to do it properly. Reduce your carbs gradually and never make drastic cuts in carb consumption. (Also read: What is the best low carbs diet plan to reduce weight)
  4. Not scheduling cheat meals
    During calorie deficit diet for body cuts, the cheat meals are really important. The cheat meal is really important as it keeps your metabolism in check. But your cheat meal should not cross the limit and it should contain all important micronutrients.
  5. Not consuming adequate protein
    Many people also reduce consumption of protein during calorie deficit diet. During the cutting phase, you need to go intense workout and your body needs adequate protein. Make sure 1 gram of protein per kilo of body weight.

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Many people commit mistakes during body cutting phase. You must be aware be these mistakes so you will get cuts on the body.

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