Body building Exercises: No-equipment exercises to strengthen upper body

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No-equipment exercise for upper body

Body building exercise: No-equipment exercise to strengthen upper body.

Nowadays everyone is concerned about their fitness. Aiming to achieve fit body and maintain good health, people practice numerous exercise. Unfortunately, some people avoid practising exercise despite being aware of the fact the exercise enhance the fitness level. The main reason for avoiding exercises is lack of equipment. But if you are not practising exercise due to lack of equipment, then there are some no-equipment upper body exercises, which can be practised without any equipment. These exercises strengthen your upper body and provide the desired result at the earliest. You can practice these no-equipment upper body exercise anytime and anywhere. (Also read: HIIT Training: Which foods you should consume after HIIT training)

No-equipment exercises to strengthen upper body:

  • Plank Ups
  • Inchworm
  • Push-Up
  • Triceps Dips
  • Plank Taps
  1. Plank Ups

    This exercise is very beneficial for strengthening core muscles, shoulder and arms. To practice this exercise, come in the plank position while bringing your elbow and forearm to the floor. After this, bring the other arm down so you are in a forearm plank. Now push yourself to start position. Repeat this movement with each side.

  2. Inchworm

    This exercise effectively works on back, abs and shoulder. To practice this exercise, stand while feet hip-width apart. Now bend forward at your hips and place your palms on the floor. After this, walk your hands forward and then backwards and stand.

  3. Push-Up

    This exercise effectively works on triceps, shoulders, and core. To practice this exercise, come in the plank position while keeping your spine straight. After this, bend your elbows and chest to the floor. Now push from the palms to straighten your arms.  Know how push-up you should do in a day, to know more click here.

  4. Triceps Dips

    This exercise work on the triceps, back, and core. To practice this exercise, sit on the ground while keeping your legs in front of you and a box or bench behind you. Place your hands on the bend while facing towards your body. Push from the hands and lift your butt as well as legs off the grounds while keeping heels on the ground.

  5. Plank taps

    This exercise works on arms, shoulder and core. To practice this exercise, come in the plank position while your feet hip-distance apart. Then tap your left hand on your shoulder and also engaging your core and glutes. For better results, continue to change alternate sides. (Also read: Weight training exercise: the Best guide for beginners)

The equipment is not necessary to practice exercise. You can strengthen your upper body with no-equipment exercise. You can also read this article in Hindi. 

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