Best thinner thigh workout for women

best thinner thigh workout for women

Every woman wants slim and toned thighs as they want to make the appearance of there legs attractive. Moreover, the strong legs play a vital role in performing many other exercises. The excessive fats on the thigh make the leg of women to look weird. Aiming to achieve this, the thinner legs women practice many exercises and adopt many methods. But they still fail to achieve the slimmer thighs due to poor execution of the exercises. If you also want slimmer thighs you must be aware of effective exercises, which will provide desired results in the stipulated time. The mentioned below exercises are very effective and provide results at the earliest. (Also read: Why doing bridges exercise daily is important)

Let’s know about the effective exercises for slimmer thighs:

Runner’s Lunge to Balance

This exercise will tighten the back of your thighs. To practice this exercise, take a wide step with right leg. After this reach towards your right foot with both hands while hinging slightly forward from your hips as well as bend knees into a low lunge. After this, place your weight on the right leg and lift your left leg. This is the one repetition. (Also read: Workout plan to lose two inches of belly fat)

Scissor Power Switch

This exercise is very effective for the thighs and helps to burn calories from the thighs. To practice this exercise, keep right foot forward and left backwards. Stretch your left arm towards your right foot and right arm towards left leg. After this, jump and land while keeping your left leg forward. This is one repetition.

Diagonal Lunge

This exercise is very beneficial for the thighs. It helps you to tone your quads, glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs. To practice this exercise, raise your arms overhead, palms facing forward while standing. Following this take a wide step with right leg. After the bend, your knee parallels to the floor and forward your upper body on your right thigh. After this try to touch the floor with your fingers. Then come to the start position. (Also read: Which exercise you need to do if you sit all day)

Side lunge to crossover tap
This exercise targets inner thighs, quads, hamstring and glutes muscles. To practice this exercise, Keep your arms on your side while standing. After this take a long step on your left side and bend the left knee. After this touch your fingers on the floor. Following this, push through the heel, extend hands overhead while standing and also swoop your legs. This is the one repetition.

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