Six Best Full-Body No Equipment Exercises You Can Do At Home

Best Full-Body No Equipment Exercises You Can Do At Home

The majority of people desired of a fit body. But due to a busy schedule, they face hardship to spend long hours in the gym. Interestingly, it is not necessary to spend long hours in the gym. You can practice various exercises at home without any equipment, which keep you healthy, fit and in shape.

Here are exercises, which help you to stay fit without spending long hours in the gym.


The push-ups are a great exercise to stay fit. The push-ups increase the strength of the body and it has additional benefits of engaging the core and lower body. You can perform the push-ups anywhere as it is body weight exercise. To avail more benefits from the push-ups you can add variations. The push-ups help to build the wider chest.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is very effective for the whole body as it involves large muscle group. Moreover, you can make it more difficult and intense to avail maximum benefits. You can make it more intense by assuming deep squat before returning to start position. This will also target your calf muscles.

Jumping lunges

Jumping lunges strengthen the whole lower body. It targets your glutes, quads hamstrings and calves. As it is jumping exercise it should be practised after complete warm up.


The walkouts improve core strength. The exercise also improves flexibility as well as strengthens shoulder.

Spider lunges

Spider lunge is one of the best exercises to raise your heart rate. It works your core and also adds some lower body development. It is effective excessive for developing your abdominal muscles. As abs are the targeted in the exercise it is important to contract your abs.


Sit-up is effective exercise to develop abdominal muscles. However, it is very important to perform it in the correct manner as in incorrect exercise does not tone the abs and increase the risk of back injury.

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