Best Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrist

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Best Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrist

In everyday life, hands perform the variety of tasks from gripping steering wheel to typing on a keyboard. These tasks involve repetitive motions of hand and wrist, which can create stiffness and weakness in the wrist as well as fingers. In this regard, simple exercises can help to prevent weakness of your wrist and makes fingers flexible. Moreover, the strong wrist is a very helpful asset for manual work, sports that involve throwing.

Here are few exercises to strengthen your wrist:

Seated wrist hammer curls

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This exercise will strengthen your brachioradialis muscle. The muscle will give more definition and balance to the forearm. To practice this, sit with your back straight, place your forearm on your thighs with your thumbs pointed upward. Use comfortable weight in a hammer position and lift it back and forth slowly.

Seated Wrist Straight Curls

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This exercise will help you to develop your flexor muscles. To practice this exercise, sit with your forearms on your thighs and palms facing upward. Hold with some weight in hand, flex your wrist upward. Keep the forearms against your thighs. In advisable to place the wrist 3 to 4 inches away from the knee to allow the full range of motion.

Seated Reverse Wrist Curls
This is to develop your extensor muscles. To practice this exercise, while sitting position with your forearms on your thigh while palms facing downward and the wrist three to four inches away from the knees. Grip the weight and extend the wrist. Do not move the elbows from thighs while extending the wrists and also keep the palms down.

Finger Curls
This exercise will strengthen your finger and will increase hand strength. This exercise is also easy to perform. To practice this exercise, simply sit and hold some weight in your hand. After this, turn your hand with the palm upward with the back of your wrist on the thigh. Following this allow the weight to roll down your fingers. Now curl your fingers back holding the weight securely. It is important to keep the back of your wrist against your thigh throughout the execution of the exercise.

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