Best Exercises For Women To Strengthen Shoulders

best exercises for womens to strengthen shoulders

Strong and attractive shoulders enhance your personality and also develop your physical ability. To make women’s shoulders strong and attractive, some exercises are considered to be the best, which affect their deltoid muscles. The delt muscles are the main part of the shoulders, on which their structure and strength depend. Women can use these exercises to make their shoulders strong and attractive.

Seated dumbbell Press

Seated dumbbell press strengthens your front delt muscles because the shoulder attraction depends on this muscle only. To do this, grab the dumbbell in both hands and sit on a bench. Now bring the palms out on both sides of the shoulders. After this, take the dumpling straight up and bring it back to the earlier position. Make 3 sets of 8-10 rep.

Front Dumbel Raise

This Exercise strengthens your front delts and medium delts. To do this, stand feet open to the waist. Now hold the dumbbell in both your hands and put it in front of thighs. Now slowly bring the dumbel towards the front of the shoulders. Then come back to the previous position. Taking the weight in this exercise, take the breath out and take it inside and bring it down. Make 3 sets of 8-10 rep of this exercise.

Side lateral raise

Side lateral raise strengthen your lateral muscles. To do this, grab the dumbbell in both hands and make the legs wide. After this, lift the dumbbell slowly along the shoulders on both sides and leave the breath out. Pull the breath down while bringing the dumblle down. Make 3 sets of 8-10 rep of this exercise.

Front plate raise

This exercise strengthens your rear and front delt muscles. To do this, stand feet open and hold a weighted plate with both hands. Now keep the weight plate in front of the feet and lift towards the front of the chest. Keeping the weight plate, keep in mind that it remains stable. Make 3 sets of 8-10 rep of this exercise.

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