Five Best Exercises For Women To Lose Arm Fat

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workout for women to lose arm fat

As we know arms are an important part of our body. Moreover, there is no other body part that displays a person’s health profile more than arms. Despite hard work towards toning the arms, many women continue to struggle with arm fat. It is because, for most women, the arm is where the most unwanted fat get deposited. Ironically many women think that heavy weights and exercises like bicep and triceps curls are the way to go. Offcourse, these moves build strength, but they do so in an unbalanced way.

If you want to lose arm fat then try the below-mentioned workout.

1. Band Extension
To practise this exercise sits on a chair with right arm extended overhead and left arm bent 90 degrees with elbow at shoulder height, holding the end of the resistance band in each hand. Bend right elbow, creating slack in the band, then straighten right arm and squeezing through triceps. Following this, use alternate arms with each circuit.

2. Triceps Push-Back

Stand tall with feet hip-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms at sides, palms facing backwards. Push dumbbells behind you, squeezing through triceps. Slowly reverse movement back to starting position.

3. Triceps Punch-Out

To practise this exercise, stand behind the chair with feet hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in right hand. Lean forward and place left forearm on the back of the chair. Bend right arm 90 degrees and bring right elbow to shoulder height. This is starting position. Keeping upper arm steady, straighten right arm, squeezing triceps. Slowly reverse movement back to starting position. Practice with alternate arms with each circuit for a better result.

4. Band Pull-Apart

To practise this exercise, stand tall with feet hip-width apart while arms extended in front of chest with resistance band loop around both wrists, palms facing each other. Following this pull forearms away from each other, resisting against loop, then slowly bring hands back to start. Move quickly but in control manner.

5. Chair Dip

Sit tall on edge of sturdy chair with feet flat on floor and hands grasping seat. Following this slide butt off the seat and walk feet forward slightly until knees are directly over ankles. Then slowly bend elbows, lowering butt until upper arms are nearly parallel to the floor. Hold 1 second, then press back up.

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