Benefits of exercise: What are the health benefits of burpee

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Burpee can help you to gain many health benefits

Benefits of exercise: You can avail many benefits from burpee

Exercise is important to stay healthy and fit. People follow exercise routine according to their fitness goals. Some people follow exercises which help them to lose weight while other follow to gain weight. There is some exercise which enhances the strength and endurance of the body and burpee is one of them. Practising burpees is very beneficial for the body. This exercises engage the whole body and help you to achieve desired results at the earliest. You must be aware of all benefits of the burpee, so you can understand the importance of adding burpee exercise in your workout routine. (Also read: Cardio workout: What is a cardio outdoor workout to enjoy the summer sun)

Benefits of exercise: Let’s know the benefits of the burpee.

  • How to perform a burpee
  • Burn calories
  • Make you stronger
  • Great for conditioning
  • Contract your core
  1. How to perform a burpee

    Practising burpee is quite easy but it quite difficult to repeat the process. To practice this exercise, come in the squat position while keeping your hands on the floor. Now kick your feet back while lower yourself into a pushup. And quickly return your feet to squat position while pushing up with arms.
  2. Burn calories
    Burpee can burn the ton of calories as it is an intense body exercise. Practising burpee can burn more 50 per cent calories as compared to moderate exercise. Moreover, burpee also keeps the metabolism up throughout the day. Therefore, you will burn more calories. (Also read: How to build your stamina for running)
  3. Make you stronger
    Burpee also helps you become stronger. It is a full body exercise. Each rep works on your arms, chest, quads, glutes and hamstrings.
  4. Great for conditioning
    It is the great exercise for conditioning of body and enhancing endurance. It also keeps your heart rate up. Moreover, the burpee is one of the greatest ways to get in shape quickly.
  5. Contract your core
    Practising burpee also develops your core muscles. The abdominal muscles get sufficient stimulation. For better results, your shoulders are parallel to your wrist and keep your core contracted as well engaged.

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You must be aware of the benefits of burpee exercise. This exercise delivers numerous benefits. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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