Battle ropes workout to lose fat and build muscles

battle rope workout to lose fat and belly fat

Battle ropes are one of the most effective exercises. The battle ropes not only work on the upper body but it also strengthens the lower body as well. The battle ropes mostly work on abs, back and glutes muscles. Moreover, you can also make battle rope exercises more effective by incorporating jumps, lunges and squats. The battle ropes play a vital role in developing muscles. The forces and tension created by the battle ropes are very tough to achieve with basic weight training. Thus, practising of battle rope exercise surprise muscles which lead to new gains. (Also read: Five bodybuilding tips one should follow after the age of 30)

The battle ropes exercise effectively burn calories. If you want to burn calories and build muscles, practice this below-mentioned battle rope circuit.

Battle Ropes Figure 8 Slams

To practice this exercise, hold the battle rope in each hand and keep your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and bent your knees slightly. Following this, move the ropes at the same time to the right, begin with a figure-8 motion. Then immediately in opposite direction to the left to complete it. Also forcing both ropes to slam the ground at the same time in between sides. For better results practice this exercise for 30 minutes.

Alternating Waves with Jump Slam

To practice this exercise, stand on your feet just wider than shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold the rope in both hands and lift the right hand up to shoulder level simultaneously lowering the left hand down a hip level. Make this movement with force. Following this continue the same process for 5 seconds straight and then at the same time lift both ropes overhead. Simultaneously, jumping up and slam the ropes into the ground as you land. For better results practice this motion for 5 times. (Also read: Five Plank Exercises For Body Stretching)

Battle Rope Jumping Jacks

Perform jumping jacks for 30 seconds while holding battle ropes in both hands. But Make sure to keep your arms as straight as possible as you raise overhead and lower them back down.

Side shuffle with alternating waves

To practice this exercise, stand shoulder-width apart while holding battle ropes in the hands and keeps your knees slightly bent. Raise your right hand up to the shoulder level and sim simultaneously lowering the left hip level with force. Without taking rest, change the direction and shuffle to the left for 5 steps. For better results repeat 3 times in each direction. (Also read: Enhance stamina and strength with these exercises)

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