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Bad fitness habits: Worst workout habits that are spoiling your fitness routine

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BAd fitness habits that spoil the whole workout routine

Bad fitness habits: There are some worst habits that spoil our workout routine

Bad fitness habits: If you are going to the gym regularly and trying your best to workout, still cannot reap good results, you must be making some major mistakes. Most of us, unintentionally have some bad fitness habits, which not only wreck our fitness goals but also makes us unfit. Do you feel out of energy most of the time after the workout? Well, it is not because you have undergone a heavy workout, but because you have been making some major blunders. Your bad habits are worsening your fitness routine and are not showing up any good result in your body. your body has become stagnant and your workout does not seem to be effective anymore. Here is the list of some bad habits that are spoiling your workout routine. (Also read: Gym Mistakes: Mistakes you should not make on your first day at the gym)

What are the bad workout habits spoil the gym routine

  • Not eating enough before working out
  • Repeating the same workout daily
  • Avoiding strength training
  • Not doing adequate stretching
  • Overusing phone

Not eating enough before working out

Many people assume it inappropriately. Most of the people try to workout on empty stomach. This is one of the biggest mistakes. You must never workout on empty stomach or with the stomach too full. You must eat a bit before going to the gym. That does not mean that you will stuff yourself with a lot of food and then become lethargic to carry out any activity. When you are the empty stomach, you do not have an adequate amount of calories and energy to burn out the fat. Thus, you perform poorly at the gym.

Repeating the same workout daily

Bad fitness habit that spoil your workout
Bad fitness habits: Doing the same workout daily make sit boring and non-effective.

When we do the same set of exercises daily, we not only get bored but our body also becomes used to it. We could hardly lose any weight or gain muscles by performing those same exercises daily. Thus, we should fix our days like leg days, arms days, upper body days, lower body days and focus on them alternatively. This will help in the complete body workout. Also, keep changing your exercises every 15 days. (Also read: What are the top 5 gym blunders)

Avoiding strength training
Cardio is undoubtedly the best workout routine to shed those extra kilos from the body. However, ignore strength training is not right. Strength training helps to burn more calories and tone your specific body parts. You can involve cardio in between the strength training exercises to make it a more effective workout routine.

Not doing adequate stretching

Bad fitness habits that spoil gym routine
Bad fitness habits: Proper stretching is necessary to make your workout more effective.

Stretching is one of the best practice. If you want to make all the muscles of the body active, you must do stretching before and after the workout. Devoting 10-10 minutes each to stretching helps to get the perfect figure. Your muscles need to be warmed up before the workout. Stretching is the best way to do warm up along with doing 15 minutes of cardio.

Overusing phone
Most of the people remain busy on their phones and give the excuse of calculating calorie and weight. Well, your gym time is a complete fitness time and you must not waste it by sticking to your phone. The time you are wasting on your phone can be used to burn more calories. (Also read: Which strength training mistakes wreck your workout)

These are some of the worst habits that spoil our fitness and workout routine. We must try to avoid these bad habits to make our workout effective. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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