Avoid these foods to stay healthy after 30 years of age

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avoid these food to stay healthy after 30 years of age

After thirty years of age, many changes take place in your body. After this age, a person has to pay special attention to his diet. Due to this age, it becomes difficult to lose weight, so you should start paying more attention to food. (Also read: What are the exercises to pump body)

Here is some food that you should not eat after the age of 30.

White bread
avoid these food to stay healthy after 30 years of age
Anything made from refined flour is harmful to your health. The white bread which is made of white flour, contain high amounts of sugar and glucose, which inhibit the production of proteins that reduce collagen and wrinkles. Better than this you should eat whole grain bread. It helps to keep your healthy weight and level of sugar in the blood.

Biscuits with Cream
avoid these food to stay healthy after 30 years of age
You may feel bad, but it is true that biscuits with your favourite cream contain high amounts of calories and fat. If you eat these things in childhood, then this calorie is reduced due to exercise, but after 30 years of exercise, it becomes difficult to burn calories. In this regard leave the habit of eating cream biscuits and consume some nutritious food. (Also read: How can you load more weight during bench press exercise)

Butter Popcorn cooked in the Microwave

It is good to eat plain popcorn because it is nutritious and healthy snacks. But when the flavours and fats present in the butter are added to it, they block your arteries and take them closer to heart diseases, so after the age of 30, the flavour should be used to eat plain popcorn.

Sugar-free snacks

It does not increase your weight by eating sugar-free snacks. These artificial sweeteners may be difficult to work on your liver, to reduce intake of such snacks.

Beer & Cocktail
avoid these food to stay healthy after 30 years of age
Consumption of alcohol at an increasing age has its effect on your metabolism. Due to which your desire for food can increase. Alcohol can also change your sleep due to ageing which can cause the weight gain. Alcohol also dehydrates your skin and also reduces the amount of cure on the skin, so you should start consuming fruit juices without drinking alcohol. (Also read: What mistakes you should never commit while practising bench press)

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