Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fantastic workout routine

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Whenever someone thinks about bodybuilding, only one name pop-up in their mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only the name, the majority of gym’s wall across the country are covered with the posters of Arnold, which inspire many body builders, as well as those, who seeks a career in this profession. Arnold is 75-year-old, an Austrian American bodybuilder, model, actor, and politician. He is still one of fittest actor and guides professional body builders how to achieve a fitness goal.

Arnold won his first Mr. Universe title at the age of 22. He also won Mr. Olympia title seven times. But he is more popular among body builders than his success. His muscular chests, biceps and V Shape Beck had rattled the world of bodybuilding. He is an inspiration for many fitness freaks. Arnold Schwarzenegger practices his workout routine with great care and discipline. Moreover, he follows only traditional exercises. Many people who have a curiosity to know what exercises Arnold practice to attain such muscular body. So here we have revealed the fitness secret of Arnold:

Here is a video of Arnold while practising work out.

Daily activities

Daily activities play an important role in the fitness. Arnold at age of 75, keep himself fit with daily activities like cycling and other.

Bench Press

Going through photos of Joe Weider and reminiscing. I really love this one.

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The bench press is a traditional exercise for Chest’s muscles growth, which is quite beneficial. This exercise stimulates pecs of your chest and also puts pressure on your biceps and shoulders on the delt muscles.


Keep pumping. Link in my bio.

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He practices biceps of preacher machine. Which helps him to attain big biceps.

Inclined Benchpress

Here’s a fun #tbt. Tomorrow, I’ll be back at Muscle Beach. See you there: //

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Inclined Bench press effectively work pectoralis muscles

Lats pull-down
The lats pull-down exercises are mainly for strengthening the waist and shaping your lats to the muscles, it also affects the chest.

It was a great honor to work out with the men and women of @usarmycentral in Kuwait. I love being inspired by my heroes.

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These are the glimpses of his life, which will motivate you to hit the gym at the earliest.

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